About Me

My Values

Through my investment journey, I have become passionate about personal finance and deepening my knowledge over time 

I am deeply grateful for all the books, videos and posts I have devoured in recent years in finding my own investment mindset and strategy.  It has really been  frustrating on occasion but mainly a rewarding experience to develop a practice of investing.

I hope that sharing my experiences, I can give you some ideas and inspiration to follow your own investment journey and wish you every success in taking control of your own financial future and freedom.  

As a non-investment professional, I hope that I can offer a perspective of an everyday person whom has a desire to learn personal finance and is motivated to learn more without being caught up in the industry jargon.  Hopefully this will help demystify the subject.


I really appreciate feedback.  If there is anything you see that could be improved, anything wrong, missing, please let me know. I would be grateful to hear from you.  If you have enjoyed any specific post or part of the site then also send me a mail or leave a comment.  This helps me understand what works and improve this resource for the future.


I am not providing financial advice.  Please do not take any comment, post or video contained within this website as specific financial advice as I do not know or have considered your personal situation and as such I am not acting as your advisor or your fiduciary.  Any comments are purely my own opinions and shared for your education and entertainment purposes only.  Please seek professional advice as part of your own investment strategy.